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Welcome to

Cave City Pawn

We offer pawn loans on
Jewelry - Televisions - Tools - Camping equipment - Guns -

Heavy Equipment - and lots more!

Well, I would say what makes us unique is our atmosphere, we don't look like your typical pawn shop.  We are willing to buy, trade, or pawn on just about anything of value.  Our investment in what we think is the best pawn software in the industry makes pawning an item very fast and you can leave feeling you got a great deal weather you are buying or pawning an item at Cave City Pawn.

We also offer remote payment options to make your life easy! 






As I have said before we have invested a lot in our store's core principal to simply be our best.  Kind friendly service is where our staff starts, but that is not where it ends! We are here to truly help make your visit a destination shopping experience.  



We support Florida Wildlife & Habitat Rehab

"Simply make a purchase or pawn an item and you will    be supporting wildlife everywhere!"


Cave City Pawn is here for you and your family year round.  They love the people in this community and as a visitor you are truly invited to come and see what make them special.  What a great destination!  Love the little cave guys...

John Myers  -Crown Point, Indiana.

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